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Tamagotchi V3 For Sale

Tamagotchi Ver 3.

Description :

In Tamagotchi Connection Version 3, it has six games to play. The games are as follow, Get(music note), Bump, Flag, Heading, Memory, and Sprint.

Get(music note) - The buttons that are used in this game is the 'A' button and the 'C' button. The object of the game is to get all the music note without letting it drop into the bins.If one music note drops into the bins, the game is over. You have to guide your bin around to get the music note in your bin, while avoiding the poops, yes I said poops. There are poops falling everywhere like the music note. Don't catch the poop, because the game will be over if you miss catching a music note or you caught a poop.

Bump - The button used in this game is the 'B' button only. In this game, your tamagotchi will go up against another tamagotchi. Your tamagotchi has to try to push the opponent to where he/she falls down and your tamagotchi is still standing. You will have to help it to push the opponent down. Here is how your part of the game come in. At the beggining, your tamagotchi will go up against another tamagotchi. You just wait. Then it will say "PUSH" and that is when you press the 'B' button. Then this bar will come up and you will have to fill it up as far as you can with the 'B' button. The higher the bar is filled, the higher chance your tamagotchi will win.

Flag - The buttons that are used in this game is the 'A' button and the 'C' button.Your tamagotchi will hold two flags.The flag to the left is a black flag and the flag to the right is a white flag. When playing there will be symbols above it telling which flag to raise up. When the symbol above shows a white flag, you will have to press the button acording to where the tamagotchi is holding the white flag and your tamagotchi will raise that flag up. The same thing if a black flag is shown. When both flags are shown black and white, then you will have to raise both flags.Sometimes it will trick you and show a flag that is shorter than the others. That is a trick, don't raise your flag up for that one. Wait to raise your flag to the right flag, the longer one. The short flag is a trick and the slightly longer flag is the one you want to raise your flag up to.

Heading - In this game, you use all the buttons in your tamagotchi, 'A' 'B' and 'C'.There will be a ball that will be dropping down.You will have to guide your tamagotchi to where the ball is falling down and then press the 'B' button and your tamagotchi will jump up and hit the ball and make the ball go up again. Keep doing this until you win. You will have to do this for twenty times. Be sure not to make it fall to the ground or hit your head because you didn't jump in time.

Memory - In this game you use all the buttons.The 'A' button will be the left arrow. The 'B' button will be the arrow that is pointing up. The 'C' button will be the right arrow. In this game you will have to use your memory, hence the name of the game, Memory.It will give you a sequence, a pattern, and then you will have to enter the pattern in exactly like it showed you with the buttons. example, if it showed you left, right, up, you will have to press 'A', 'C', and 'B',which will be left, right up.

Sprint - In this game, you use only one button, but you can use any one of the buttons. You will race another tamagotchi to the finish line. Whenyou set off to race, you will have to press the button very quickly to win. This game is very simple. Just press any one button very quick to win and go to the finish line.

Tamagotchi Ver 3 Video

Tamagotchi ver 3 linking using infrared technologies

Tamagotchi ver 3 Offical tv ads

For growth chart and info about ver 3 tama. kindly go to following website;

Price : RM70 (blue,purple,red) RM75 for other colours

Price is including postage for west malaysia ONLY.for east malaysia (sabah & Sarawak) please addanother RM5.We use poslaju as postage method.

SMS : 0174927523 to order or
Email :

COD : Kulim,Kedah. Simpang Ampat, P.Pinang.

Colour available refer below picture.

Pink ver 3

Pink v3

Green Ver 3

Green Ver 3

Christmas Theme ver 3

Christmass Ver 3

Yellow ver 3

Yellow Ver 3

Red Ver 3

Red ver 3

Purple and blue ver 3

Purple and blue

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